General information

General information

ORCHESTRA Suite Introduction

For a recorded Q&A session about the ORCHESTRA Website Login Area click here.

ORCHESTRA Emerging Scientific Evidence

This survey aims to collect emerging scientific results per Work Package. Please complete a separate survey for each emerging scientific evidence that you would like to share.

Emerging scientific evidence survey

See survey results here

ORCHESTRA Protocol Evaluation Framework

This framework is intended to guide members of the WP9/CGGG and the Advisory Board in the process of evaluating and approving existing protocols. In addition, researchers contributing to the ORCHESTRA project can use this tool as a framework for developing future study protocols. A widespread adoption of the tool across the various ORCHESTRA cohorts will ensure that all essential study-items are addressed in a consistent and transparent manner.

Protocol Evaluation Framework

See results/protocols here

ORCHESTRA stakeholders

For a new project it is crucial to find potential stakeholders that could be interested in the ongoing process and results of ORCHESTRA – that could be connected research networks, participating hospitals, experts/researchers already involved in your work – please collect contact information here:

Stakeholders of ORCHESTRA survey

New cohorts/projects

For new cohorts/projects interested in joining ORCHESTRA there are now buttons for receiving information within the ORCHESTRA landing page. All applicants should read the information and fill out the expression of interest form below. At the moment WE DON’T OFFER additional funding for new projects but if WPs think the new cohort/project would be a great contribution there is a chance of internal redistribution. (please contact us if any requests reach you –

Expression of interest form for new/external cohorts

Expression of interest form for new/external projects

Information for new/interested cohorts 

Onboarding Procedure for External Cohorts.pdf