Media & Infographics

Media & Infographics

This page gives an overview on the infographics, videos, graphical abstracts, and podcasts created in ORCHESTRA. Infographics and graphical abstracts have been designed in collaboration with the Milan-based communication experts of Zadig.

Project Infographic

This infographic gives an overview of what our project is all about, from its approach to the project's objectives.

Data Protection Infographic

This infographic delves into the journey of patient data in ORCHESTRA, from research’s design through the informed consent process to the protection of privacy

Data Management Infographic

This infographic sheds light on ORCHESTRA´s Data Management strategy, building on the previous infographics.

Video Abstract post-Covid-19 Syndrome

A video abstract covering an ORCHESTRA publication on clinical phenotypes and quality of life to define post-COVID-19 syndrome

Graphical Abstract Covid-19 Prognostic Scores

This graphical abstract covers the main conclusion of systematic review of COVID-19 prognostic scores and gives recommendations on best-practices for scores.

The Orchestra Podcast

The ORCHESTRA podcast is dedicated to introducing ORCHESTRA and discussing current issues related to the pandemic and other research-related topics. The first episode is designed to give an overview of the project.